Everything should be made as simple
as possible, but no simpler.

--Albert Einstein

Welcome to Omniware - FPGA and Embedded Design Experts

Quality Design Solutions

Omniware is a small family operated engineering firm that provides custom hardware and software solutions to the marketplace for our valued customers. Our services are tailored to meet the demanding requirements of a custom design that reflect a strong commitment to quality and reliability.

FPGA Design

Omniware provides a comprehensive FPGA design flow that includes requirements, specifications, implementation, validation and integration. Over the past three and a half decades we have implemented over a hundred FPGA and embedded system designs, for more details please visit our projects page.

Embedded Design

Omniware also provides an embedded design service which includes schematic capture, PCB layout, DSP and microcontroller applications. Our broad range of experience includes wearable flex circuits for insulin pumping, multi-channel satellite radio PCBs and high-end medical imaging products.

Services Summary

We provide a wide range of electronic design services including:

Contact Us

We can be reached by email at info@omniware.us.