Everything should be made as simple
as possible, but no simpler.

--Albert Einstein

About Us

Tycho LogoWe opened our doors in 1983 as Tycho Engineering. Among our first designs was an embedded application using the Zilog Z8 microcontroller, including hardware design, firmware development and PCB layout using a light table and decals. The device measured simultaneous teller activity and reported the daily statistics on hardcopy to the bank manager. Certainly a humble beginning, but an important one.

Tel-O-Matic PCBSince then we've been involved in many exciting and diverse projects from testing superconducting accelerator magnets for high-energy physics, to call processing software for low-earth orbit satellites, to ultrasound & MRI medical imaging. We value our customer relations and strive hard to bring high-quality designs to the marketplace. For more details please visit our projects page.

Think Green Logo

Playing our role in energy conservation and business environmental ethics, Omniware has been operating entirely from solar electric power since early 2003. The thinking green icon is a link to Omniware's solar electric plant daily and monthly power production.

Aaron & Becky

Aaron LaBarge

Chief Executive Officer, Engineer

Mr. LaBarge is co-founder of Omniware Inc. and has worked for nearly three decades running the company. He earned his bachelor's degree in physics from California's Polytechnic University in Pomona and his master's degree in physics from The Univeristy of Texas.




Becky LaBarge

Chief Financial Officer, PCB Designer

Ms. LaBarge is also co-founder of Omniware Inc. and worked almost three decades helping run and manage the company. She earned her bachelor's degree in accounting from The University of Texas and a PCB designers' certificate from Palomar College.



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